Space War: Infinity is a semi-procedural shoot-'em-up with a upgrade system of your ship and unlocking of items. 

• Enhance your skills in a semi-procedural shoot-'em-up.

• Evolve your ship as you advance and level up in the game.

• Unlock more than 20 different upgrades and weapons during the game.

• Defeat 5 bosses ready to spray you.

• Infinite play! After fulfilling all the missions, try to rise in rank by facing waves of enemies created in real time. 

• Inspired by the classic Arcade games, Space War: Infinity is a fast, addictive and retro shoot 'em up!

• Steam Achievements and Global Score.

• Easy to learn in Arcade style, with simple commands.

• A wide variety of weapons, powerups and ship upgrades.

• Great variation of enemies.

• Steam cloud support.

• Beautiful pixel-art graphics.

• Full support for controls.

• Retro sound effects.

• Waves of enemies generated in a semi-procedural way. 

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